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Pilates & Japanese drum performance

Both pilates & yoga, I always think about applying their body control and mind set to my daily lives as much as possible.

I recommend, and ask to my clients trying the same thing.

In my case, pilates & yoga seem very helpful for Iaido performance, Zen meditation and Thai Traditional Massage treatment.

This time, I tried to apply them to one funny thing.

It is… Wadaiko (Japanese drum).

Not only making the sound, showing the performance is also important in Japanese drum. And actually, it requires sensitive body awareness and control to make the sound and rhythm.

I tried to apply pilates basic principles and techniques when I was teaching local kids in my neighbor shrine.

Just like this.

It’s my pleasure if you found some similar movements from the following movies.

  • Flex and dynamic movement
  • Strong sound which comes from activating inner core muscles

By applying pilates, I felt those effects.

I think pilates gives us a great possibility. Probably, if we try, the theory and techniques of pilates could be applied to any physical and cultural activities. It will give you more than the weight loss, or good posture.

If you are interested, please feel free to ask about private / semi private pilates lessons.


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