Seed Training シードトレーニング 自宅出張 個人レッスン 初心者 ヨガ ピラティス タイ古式マッサージ 尼崎 兵庫 大阪

Class and Massage service System

About our class

Seed Training offers,

in either private or semi private (5 people maximal) style, and also

for relaxation and conditioning.

You can take them either at your own place (if you are living in these areas) or at Seed-an studio in Amagasaki.

Why private and at my own place?

Here are reasons why Seed Training offers private (or semi private) classes at your own place (home or office, etc…)

Why at my place?

  • You don’t have to take time for transportation.
  • You can take classes at your most relaxing space.
  • You don’t have to compare yourself with the others.
  • You can schedule your classes flexibly and freely.

Why private or semi private?

  • Since the instructor keeps paying attention to you, you can practice safely and effectively.
  • You can experience the program which best suits to your goal and current condition.
  • With your friends or partner, you can take classes in friendly, peaceful atmosphere.


About Seed-an studio in Amagasaki

No space for taking private class at your place?

Is your place located outside of available area?

If so, Seed Training has tiny, but own studio in Amagasaki, Hyogo. So, please feel free to contact.

Seed Training,シードトレーニング,yin,yoga,meditation,メディテーション,

Please check access, open hours, etc… from here.

Max 3 people can take class together at the studio.



Semi private (2~5 people):¥10,000(60min×8classes)〜

Thai Traditional Massage:¥5,000(60min@Seed-an)〜

Please check the detail about the price from here.