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Pilates is an unique physical exercise method which is originated with Joseph Pilates’s rehabilitation method for soldiers in the World War I.

Because of it’s delicate and intelligent training method such as the focus on the postural alignment, and the attention to the breathing and the movement, Pilates is not only practiced as the rehabilitation, but also taken in the field of performing arts and professional sports.

Seed Training provides STOTT PILATES® Matwork (pilates which is done on the mat with some small equipments such as tubes and balls).

What’s good about Pilates?

  • It does not require risky movement or building bulk
  • It focuses on the postural alignment and the concentration on finer, deep layer muscles
  • decrease the physical fatigue in daily lives
  • prevent the risk of injury in daily lives / exercises
  • increase the athletic performance


Pilates is recommended for who,

  • are concerned about joint mobility
  • want to maintain healthy body composition without being too skinny
  • want to try effective core conditioning program
  • are looking for training method to improve athletic performance

If you want to make your body move more comfortable, not just being looking good, Pilates will be your exercise.



You can practice Hatha Yoga with me either at,

  • your place (available areas specified here)
  • Seed-an studio


You can have more information on STOTT PILATES® from their official web site.

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