Mind & Body are instruments, Breath is the player

Breathing in yoga & pilates practices maybe similar to playing the music instruments.

Through my own yoga & pilates practice, I get to believe like that.

From my experience, for example, let say, Wadaiko.

If you beat strong, it sounds strong, and if you beat weak, it sounds weak.

Winds and strings instruments maybe the same. The sound will vary depending on how players breath or control their body & mind.

Through the precise control of players’ body & mind, the sound varies very different.

That’s what I think the same as the breathing.

What our mind thinks, how our body moves, how our consciousness works… those things can be different depending on how we control the breath. 

When our breaths are shallow and unstable, we’ll be easily get angry.

When our breaths are stable and quiet, our concentration gets sharp.

When our breaths are rhythmic, our body moves rhythmic.

It maybe possible to say,

Mind & Body are instruments, Breath is the player

By deepening your understanding on breath through yoga & pilates practice, you can be Maestro of your own mind & body.

Including breathing techniques, Seed Training in Amagasaki teaches yoga & pilates from the very basic.

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