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3 Suggestions to keep your motivation for yoga & pilates

Whether it’s yoga or pilates, I ask all the clients to bring what they learnt in my lessons to home and keep practicing as much as possible.

However, it seems not so easy…I often hear “I can’t maintain my motivation when I’m home.” or “Are there any good ideas to keep practicing at home?”

I can’t tell the “best” idea because reasons why people can’t maintain motivation or ideas to keep their motivation maybe different from one person to the other. But I still can suggest some ideas to keep your yoga / pilates motivation at your home.

There are 3 suggestions,

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist
  2. Keep distracting things away from you
  3. Enjoy the sense of relaxing & healing

<No.1:Don’t be a perfectionist>

You don’t necessarily have to do totally the same things (exercise menu, duration, etc…) as you learned in the lesson.

Pick up only what you felt necessary or interesting, that’s fine.

I used to write the article『脱「完璧主義」のススメ』(sorry, only in Japanese) As I wrote there, perfectionism can be mental pressure, and keep you away from yoga / pilates at home.

Both menu and duration don’t have to be the same as what you do in lessons, just try what you can do.

<No.2:Keep distracting things away from you>

Is your reason why you can’t keep practicing yoga / pilates related to the environment? Aren’t there anything that distract your motivation in your room?

TV, computer, magazine, snacks, maybe smart phone, too.

I have experienced the same thing before, so I understand very well.

In my case, I tried to keep turning off TV and other electronic devices except when I really need them, and kept the room clean putting snacks and other temptations away from my eyesight.

Being grateful for having quiet time and clean room were unexpected reward of my self yoga / pilates practice at home.

<No.3:Enjoy the sense of relaxing & healing>

Are you thinking exercise is something tough, or hard?

Sometimes, we may need to make such efforts to improve the current physical condition. But, that’s not everything.

Haven’t you ever had a sense of releasing and relaxing after yoga class, or lightness and sharpness after pilates class…?

You do yoga or pilates at your place to enjoy such relaxation and healing. It’s not a torture at all. Try persuade yourself in such a way.

If your reason is due to mental barriers against content, concentration, or toughness and hardness, these 3 suggestions might help.

If you have any other questions on maintaining your practice motivation at home, please feel free to ask in the lesson and workshop.


If you live nearby Amagasaki or Osaka-city and interested in learning yoga / pilates, please check following links. I’ll do my best to support so that you can bring yoga / pilates to your home and keep practicing by yourself.

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