800 years of Zen & Kyoto, 80 years of you & yoga, pilates

Zen, it’s 800 years.

This is the phrase which I found at Kennin-ji temple, Kyoto, when I joined master Yosai’s memorial Zen assembly.

The phrase seems to mean the 800th memorial year since master Yosai has brought Zen into Japan. However, not only for Zen, it also seems to means the 800th memorial year for Kyoto.

For example,

Old temples in Kyoto are world famous sightseeing destination. Many of those temples such as Kinkaku-ji (the temple of golden pavilion) and Ginkaku-ji, Ryoan-ji (the temple famous for Zen garden), Tenryu-ji in Arashiyama, they’re all Zen temples.

In those temples, it is often set up tea ceremonies (Some tea ceremonies are opened for drop-in visitors). And Japanese tea culture is strongly connected to Zen culture (The founder of Kennin-ji, master Yosai is known as “Cha-so” (the bringer of tea) as well).

Also, traditional cuisine’s natural and simple cooking and presentation reminds me of Zen philosophy.

And maybe, there are Zen like accurate and severe practice in the backstage of Kyoto culture such as Maiko dancing and Nishijin textile.

If so, it’s not too much to call Kyoto as the “Zen city”, and Zen’s 800 years are Kyoto’s 800 years.

Of course Zen is not everything, but today’s Kyoto and it’s culture seems to have been brushed up by Zen more or less.


Actually, yoga and pilates share the same thing with Zen in this point. (I believe so…)

I believe learning the natural posture and movement through yoga and pilates can be the base of our daily lives, and  the yogic lifestyle brings flexibility and freedom to our ideas and performances.

Just like Zen’s natural and simple way inspired traditional Kyoto cuisine and, and it’s accuracy and severity supports tradition and craftsmanship.

We individual’s history cannot be lasted for 800 years like Zen, but,

we still get along with our body & mind for about 80 years.

And, we create numerous actions, words and thoughts with our body & mind.

It’s my pleasure if you take yoga and pilates as the basic tool for your body, mind and it’s creation. And if you choose Seed Training for your partner, we will do our best with pleasure.




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