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Two suggestions for more mindful yoga & pilates exercise

As they are known as “mindful movement” or “mindful exercises“, both yoga and Pilates exercise require us to be conscious about our body.

Pay attention to the breath, alignment, posture, tensions, etc…

The more you are experienced, the more you know about focus points on each asana or exercises.

Today, I’d like to introduce two steps to use those focus points in more beneficial way.

1. Finish reviewing before you move

When you are practicing, aren’t you trying to correct all the focus points while you are moving?

But, in spite of your effort, your body doesn’t move the way as you wish. Haven’t you had such experiences?

In such cases, finish reviewing all those focus points before you start moving. Once you start moving, forget about them.

2. Concentrate on “present” moment and motion

This can be somewhat the same idea as “be present” in yoga or zen.

As I suggested above, when you start moving, forget about all the focus points. Then, concentrate on your “present” action, and pick up just a few points you really need “now”.

Don’t think like “what to do in the next?”. Meanwhile, if they are really necessary, remember everything and try to do them all.

Use the correct knowledge in more proper way

Things you learn from your teacher maybe correct knowledge and advice.

So, only you should consider is “how to use them in more proper way”.

Not only brushing up your physical yoga and Pilates exercise, thinking about using the correct knowledge “in more proper way” can be a very good mental and spiritual practice of yoga.


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