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Pilates : Hip mobility exercise for back care (movies)

As well as the previous article Pilates : Activating inner core for safety back (with movie)” , let me introduce a couple more pilates-based exercises for back care.

In the previous article, I emphasized keep pulling the belly in to activate inner core muscles (a.k.a TA muscles) for releasing back tension.

Today, I’d like to introduce using hip joints more consciously while keeping the torso in stable, neutral position.

First of all, please check the movie.

Knee Lift


  1. Legs are opened hip distance width, pelvis and spine neutral. Place hands on lower back (check the reason in the previous article).
  2. While keeping the stable upper body posture, exhale and lift one leg up (flex both hip and knee joints to 90°).
  3. Inhale, slowly drop lifted leg onto the mat while keeping the stable upper body.
  4. Lift the opposite side and continue 2. & 3. alternatively.

As explained in the movie, keep activating TA to prevent lower back from rounding and swaying.

Leg Swing(Front & Back)


  1.  Place one foot on yoga block*, hip distance width, pelvis and spine neutral. Place hands on lower back.
  2. While keeping upper body in the stable position (keep the back as soft as possible), inhale twice shortly to swing floating leg forward twice.
  3. Exhale to swing the same leg backward.
  4. Continue 2. & 3. for 8-10 reps, then switch the side.

*Not only yoga blocks, anything which has some height and stability is fine (such as the small step, telephone book).

As well as knee lift, keep pulling the belly in to prevent lower back from wavering. Also, it’s not so much necessary to move big. Rather, trying to move hips while keeping the soft back is more important.


If you attempted these exercises, you may recognized that it’s possible to make a beautiful posture and motion while keeping your back soft. That’s the effect of activating TA (pulling the belly in).

If you’re already practicing pilates, you can try by yourself. If you have never done before, I strongly recommend to learn from pro- pilates instructors in your neighbors.

If Seed Training were your neighbor (lessons at your place also available in these areas), please feel free to contact.

Strongly hope the healthy and happy life of young moms & dads, also grandmas & grandpas caring their grandchildren.

Thank you.


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