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Pilates : Activating inner core for safety back (with movie)

Recently when I was driving back home from the lesson, I saw a young, slim mom holding her little baby walking down the street.

My “pilates instructor eyes” didn’t miss her spine swaying back, and even weaving front and back as she stepped her feet.

Some of my clients are pregnant, some are young mothers who have little babies, so the young mom I saw on that day made me feel I have to do something for my clients to prevent such a dangerous postural habits before suffering from chronic injuries like lower back pain.

Hereby introduces some easy core stability exercises for back care.

Here are guidelines of each exercises in the movie.

Leg Drop


  1. Lying on back, set your pelvis neutral (align both top front and back bony points vertical against the mat), lifting up legs and bend knees and hips to 90°. Place hands on the lower back.*
  2. While keep pulling your belly in, exhale and drop one leg onto the mat. Try to keep your lower back at the stable position throughout the exercise without tightening or jamming hands.
  3. Inhale while keep pulling the belly in, return the dropped leg to the starting position.
  4. Exhale, attempt the same routine in the opposite leg. Continue both sides alternatively.

Ab Prep


  1. Lying on back, pelvis and spine neutral. Legs are opened hip distance width, knees bent. Again, place hands on lower back.*
  2. While keep pulling your belly in, exhale and lift head, shoulders and scapulae. While lifting up, keep your ab flat and lower back at the same stable position without tightening or jamming hands. Inhale and pause at the top.
  3. As inhaling, lower upper body from scapulae to the head.
  4. Continue 1.~3. for 5-10 reps.

 Shoulder Bridge Prep(Lower & Lift)


  1.  Pelvis and spine position are same as Ab Prep. However, legs are placed a little closer to the pelvis. Hands are either rested at the side of the body or at your lower back if you want to check the back tension.
  2. While keep pulling your belly in, exhale and lift pelvis and spine. Use hamstrings and glute muscles to support hips, without swaying lower back.
  3. Inhale, flex only hip joints to lower the pelvis a little. Try not to round your back.
  4. Exhale to return the pelvis to 2. position.
  5. Continue 3.4. for 3~5 reps. After that, coming back to 4. position, then exhale to drop back and pelvis completely on the mat.
  6. Take a little interval, then head to the next set.

*The reason why you place hands on lower back

Although original pilates exercises don’t place hands on lower back, as you do so, you can check your back tension much clearly.

If you feel tensed, or hands are jammed, adjust pelvis and back position or angles until the lower back gets soft.

If you’re already practicing pilates, you can try by yourself. If you have never done before, I strongly recommend to learn from pro- pilates instructors in your neighbors.

If Seed Training were your neighbor (lessons at your place also available in these areas), please feel free to contact.

Thank you.



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