Grow “Seer” in ourselves

Regardless of yoga or pilates, I often use one quotation from yogic philosophy to guide my clients.

It is to grow “seer” in ourselves.

Sometimes, this “seer” is called “Purusha” in yogic philosophy (especially Samkhya philosophy).

Anyway, in classes, I tell my clients

to take distance from their body and mind,

then observe,



and even thoughts, emotions, and senses,

mindfully and straightly.

In general, “Being objective” may be more popular. But I personally think growing “seer” in ourselves is more intensive in clearing our sight and measuring the best distance.

If you’re practicing pilates, the effect comes out sooner if the “seer” in yourself sees your breathing, posture, and the motion precisely.

If you’re practicing yoga for stress relief, for example, you’ll experience deeper relaxation if the “seer” in yourself sees your thoughts and emotions mindfully.

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