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Thai Traditional Massage 30 minutes course

Seed Training adds 30 minutes course to our Thai traditional massage lineups.

30 minutes will be ideal for clients to take advanced Thai medical massage which I practiced at Wat Po, Bangkok in the last year conveniently and effectively.

【Thai Traditional Massage~30 minutes】


Place:Seed-an studio, or at your place (for private/semi-private lesson clients only)

Recommended for:

  • Taking pin-pointed massage in short time
  • Taking massage and counseling on your body & mind, and lifestyle
  • Releasing your tensions and stiffness caused by office work or housekeeping

Is your neck and shoulders stiff?

Do you feel heaviness and languid?

We choose the most effective massage routine suited to your symptoms, and releasing your stress by stimulating each energy lines and acupressure points slowly and gently.


  • Please check “Precautions & contraindications” in advance.
  • Advanced Thai medical massage is the certificate issued in Thailand, and not officially accepted as the medical / alternative medical treatment, co-medical treatment in Japan.
  • This course is mainly consist of acupressure treatment. If you prefer to take stretching massage, please choose 60 minutes or longer course. 

Thank you.


Course & Price…Please check here.


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(I cannot get the phone when I’m having lessons, treatment, and moving. In such a case, please leave a message so that I can call you back later)