How to find your teacher & studio

“Mr. Ota. It is said one has to spend 3 years to find his master.”

About 10 years ago, I was told like this by my Iaido Sensei before deciding to be his student.

Not only Japanese martial arts like Iaido, but also Zen and other traditional Japanese arts share the similar policies.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean you really have to spend 3 years for finding your teacher, or school.

In my understanding, this is kind a proverb to explain the importance of,

  • Finding by yourself
  • Going directly to the school and meeting a teacher by yourself, and
  • Making a decision by yourself

This old Japanese proverb seems to be applicable for us to find Yoga and Pilates teachers and schools.

Aren’t you stop making your own decision depending your experience and intuition?

Aren’t you depending only on objective index such as the advertisement and evaluation on the internet, or the certificate of the teachers?

Not limited to yoga and pilates, I recommend you to visit directly to the studio or schools that accept trial students to start something new.

As you visit many places and meet many people, you’ll find out,

  • the atmosphere and the environment that best suit to you,
  • the thing which you truly seek, and,
  • if the objective evaluation and scores are more accurate than your intuition.

Seed Training values this policy, and asks new students and clients to take initial consultation and trial (for free) before contracting the Yoga / Pilates private / semi private lessons.

If you practice, nothing can be more reliable than your intuition to deal with your own problems.

I hope you’ll take time to visit many places, meet many people, and experience many things to find the best teacher, and the best studio or the school.

If it were me, it’ll be the best pleasure.



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