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Remember “Beginner’s mind” of Yoga

I had a wonderful yoga experience during my trip in Tohoku.

At the end of the trip, I joined a yoga class which my friend attends regularly.

The class which was intended for beginners, was guided by a teacher carefully, and gently. Meditation, breathing, all the asanas she taught in the class remind of me the joy of yoga, which I first learned in Canada.

Comfortability of the body…

Relaxed, calm mind…

Yes, these were the first impression of my yoga experience.

Somehow, yoga teacher’s self practice seems to tend to technic oriented (such as instruction techniques and challenging asanas).

But, I feel the essence of yoga is those comfortability and relaxation of body & mind (maybe soul & spirit as well). So, I suppose yoga teacher’s own practice also need to focus on them.

Yoga teachers have to remember our “beginner’s mind”,too.

The class and the wonderful teacher in Hachinohe remind of me that “beginner’s mind”.


Regardless of yoga, pilates, or thai traditional massage, I will focus on sharing these “beginner’s mind” (comfortability, relaxation, healing) with you from now on.


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