Seed Training,尼崎,ヨガ,ピラティス,タイ古式マッサージ,個人レッスン,自宅出張,

Yin & Meditation class on Sunday night

Seed Training is offering a regular “Yin & Meditation” class at Seed-an studio on Sunday night.

This class focuses on,

  • Re-set the physical fatigue by practicing Yin asanas slowly and quietly, and
  • Learn and practice meditation to cease the mind wave

This quiet and peaceful class will help to prepare yourself to start the new week both physically and mentally.

Seed Training 陰ヨガ メディテーション 尼崎市 ヨガ フィジカル メンタル コンディショニング

Seed Training 陰ヨガ メディテーション ヨガ 尼崎市 コンディショニング リラクゼーション

Seed Training 陰ヨガ メディテーション ヨガ 尼崎市 コンディショニング リラクゼーション

This 60 minutes lesson will be consist of,

  • 40~50 minutes of yoga asana practice
  • 10~15 minutes of meditation

This class is taught both in Japanese / English. 


Time(Sun) p.m.8:00-9:00

Class capacity4 people

Fee¥1,000/1 lesson


Please make sure to book your spot every time you join. Thank you.

You can book your spot either via mail format or phone.

Seed Training シードトレーニング タイ古式マッサージ 予約 自宅出張 尼崎 兵庫 大阪


(I cannot get the phone when I’m having lessons, treatment, and moving. In such a case, please leave a message so that I can call you back later)

Questions are also welcome.


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