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Dvesa in yoga practice

Have you ever had feelings such as, “Oh, back bending asanas are tough…” “Hip opners are really pain…” “Inversions? No, it’s so scaring…” in your yoga practice?

And aren’t you actually avoiding specific tough, pain, or scaring asanas in your daily practice?

If so, those aversions are maybe something called “Dvesa” in yogic philosophy.

What is Dvesa?

Dvesa is “aversion to pain or sufferings” (both physical and mental), which is one of five Klesha (bindings) in yogic philosophy.

So, please remember when you met tough, difficult asanas in the class.

You might have had feelings like, “Oh, my… I really hate this!” or you might even had anger or hatred against your teacher (maybe against me, too?).

Then, we get bound with the negative feeling.

Also, if we keep avoiding specific practices, we would never be able to get out of our physical and mental sufferings. Our body and mind also get bound with Dvesa.

2 easy ways to deal with Dvesa

Personally, I used to have some difficult asanas.

But, through such experiences, I found 2 easy ways to deal with this Dvesa wisely, and kept practicing. They’re both quite common, but anyway, I’d like to share here.

1. Move gently

Bouncing, or pretending to be like people in the book or DVDs likely to cause sharp pain suddenly.

Breath deep and slow, and move slowly and carefully with the breathing. Then you’ll find your best position easily without suffering from pain.

As we breath and move slowly and carefully, our mind seem to be calm naturally. It’s so grateful.

2. Use props.

In practice, we don’t have to be like someone next to you or in the books & DVD (but make sure to follow the safety instruction).

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Use props (blocks, bolsters, etc…) if you feel too much pain which makes your Dvesa bigger. If you are practicing in studio, grab props and make sthira sukham asanam (steady, comfortable position).

You can use cushions and blankets if you’re practicing at your home. You don’t necessarily have to buy yoga props.

In my opinion, yoga (harmony of body, mind, and spirit) is the state to adjust within ourselves, not to be like something or someone outside.

Don’t hesitate to grab props, and find your yoga!

Don’t do!

There’re 2 things we must not do to deal with Dvesa.

  • Trying to get through with vigor
  • Deceive yourself

These 2 things cause burn out and injury.

Please be careful.

Hope yoga practice would color your spring beautifully.

OM Shanti.


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