Thai Traditional Massage + YOGA conditioning

Do you want,

  • deep relaxation
  • to recognize your current mind & body condition
  • learning how to care of your mind & body

at the same time?

Seed Training in Amagasaki (Hyogo, JAPAN) offers Thai Traditional Massage + YOGA conditioning package to meet all these requests.


  1. 90 minutes(¥7,500)
    1. Thai Traditional Massage・・・60min
    2. Yoga(Hatha/Yin)・・・30min
  2. 120 minutes-A(¥8,500)
    1. Thai Traditional Massage・・・60min
    2. Yoga(Hatha/Yin)・・・60min
  3. 120 minutes-B(¥9,500)
    1. Thai Traditional Massage・・・90min
    2. Yoga(Hatha/Yin)・・・30min


  • Massage makes your muscles and joints condition much clear.
  • The massage therapist and yoga teacher picks up effective yoga poses and routine to improve your current condition.
  • You can get other helpful information to improve your condition (such as how to continue your yoga menu by yourself, and other tips in daily lives). Your questions are always welcome.



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(I cannot get the phone when I’m having lessons, treatment, and moving. In such a case, please leave a message so that I can call you back later)