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Creativity & flexible body

I had a great opportunity in the last weekend with the leading dance company from Belgium. I joined the show “A Louer” as an extra cast.

Anyway, please watch the trailer if you don’t know what it is.

A Louer / For Rent, the trailer from peeping tom on Vimeo.

A Louer: trailer from KVS on Vimeo.

How was it?

Unbelievable performance…

Unbelievable world…

I was so shocked when I first saw their rehearsal.

And I’ve got a question “how did they catch such creativity ?”, and it cling to me for a week.

In such a condition, I kept teaching and practicing by myself to find the answer to that question. This is nothing but an inference of one yoga / pilates instructor though, I came to think…

flexible body is contributing to the flexible thoughts & idea, in other word, creativity.

If they didn’t have such a flexible body, they wouldn’t think of such choreography. They wouldn’t think of such unrealistic world. Don’t you think?

Body and mind are connected.

If the body is flexible and free, our choices and possibilities are expanded. Also, the range of our thoughts and creativity are expanded.

The same thing can be applied to our daily lives.

If we are healthy, we don’t feel worries, troubles in the daily lives so much. If so, the hope gets increased.

As the hope gets increased, we can make big decisions quite easily. Everything seems possible.

I’d like to share such hope and possibilities with my clients in my lessons and conditioning.

Just like Peeping Tom members that showed we extra casts and audiences such hope and possibilities…


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