Step to start private / semi-private session with Seed Training Service

STEP to start your class

Seed Training provides private /semi-private lessons (5 people maximal), basically at your place.

Private lesson will be the best way to understand and improve your body, mind and spirit condition since you can practice a program which best suits to your current condition with the kind support.

Semi private lesson will be good for friends, couples, and families to enjoy the healthy life style with yoga and pilates.

Our private / semi-private sessions will be provided as follows.

1. Contact

At first, please contact in the either way.

2. Initial consultation

Before you make the final decision, please take a minute for initial consultation. In this consultation, Seed Training will provide lesson structure explanation and also a lesson plan outline for you. At the same time, Seed Training will ask you your lesson day & time request, fitness career, and if there are any health concerns.

Initial consultation will be held at,

or via E-mailTel, or Skype.

3.Lesson begins

If you finally decide to take lessons, set up the first lesson date and place (either at your place or Seed-an studio), then your lesson begins. Please pay your fee at the first lesson.

Step to start private / semi-private session with Seed Training Service

*If you think of doing semi-private sessions, we prefer all members would join the initial consultation.

*Any booking, cancellation and the change of schedules shall be informed to Seed Training Service in 24 hours advance to the expected or the original schedule.