Remembering Yama & Niyama from “Into Great Silence”

Last day, one client told me about the movie titled “Into Great Silence”.

Her impression on this movie moved my heart so much, and finally I went to experience it by myself.

The movie shows the inside of the strict monastery,

without lightings, narrations, music except for sacred songs and chants.

There were no “intentions” throughout the film.


But every single cuts was so beautiful as if they were masterpiece pictures.

The quiet, calm, and content eyes of monks seemed to show why the monastery requires strict rules in their daily lives.

In my case, as Yogi,

it was a good opportunity to think again about why do Yogis have to follow “Yama” & “Niyama” (content of Yama & Niyama can be checked from the past article “Buddhism 10 commandments and yogic Yama, Niyama“) in our lives.

Calmness, peace, and contentment of our body, mind and spirit cannot be gained without quiet and non-selfish daily lives.

Even if the purpose of our yoga practice was to improve our physical body, only practicing asanas are not enough. If the daily choice of our behaviors (food, postures, etc…) remains still, the improvement will be so slow and small, and even can be lost very soon.

So, keep Yama & Niyama in our heart much stronger and practice them, not to make our asana practices just stretching.


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