Sayaka and Pressler

I went to a fantastic concert this week.

It was the duo recital of violinist Sayaka Shoji and pianist Menahem Pressler, who has nearly 70 years of career as a professional pianist.

There’re almost 60 years disparity of age between the two.

Though I cannot tell the detailed review of the concert because of lack of my expression, the concert left a quiet, and deep impression on my heart.

Meantime, I had another feeling which is somehow related to my job.

Like Mr. Pressler, The person who keeps practicing honestly in right way never declines.

I personally think that people like Mr. Pressler will be appeared more and more in the future.

Not only in the classic music, but also in the research & academics, sports, and even in our daily lives.

It will be so much fun if the grown-up grand children travel abroad with their healthy grand parents, or playing music together.

I believe it’s possible. And I think such a world is definitely wonderful.

It is fun, no doubt, and “hope” maybe born and be taken over through such communication.

I hope Seed Training’s yoga & pilates will contribute to support your “never declining” mind & body.

Thank you Ms. Sayaka and Mr. Pressler


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