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Be natural, be ourselves.

I traveled across Tohoku (Sendai~Hiraizumi~Hachinohe) in the last weekend.

At the end of the road trip from Sendai, my friend guided me to Tanesashi coast, Hachinohe.

The coast attracted me with its various faces (rocks, snow, grass…).

Since my friend offered me to take some photos, I went to the rocks.

At that moment, maybe my mind was carried away by beautifully blue sea and the sky.

Seed Training,Yukinobu Ota,yoga,mind,posture

I did something like this…

Seed Training,Yukinobu Ota,yoga,posture,mind

and this…

Actually, they are not so bad (I was even feeling good to have taken these photos at that moment)…

But, come to think of it again calmly,

The sea is sea, the sky is sky, and I am a human.

The sea and the sky are beautiful as they are, but only human beings imitate the tree, moon, or eagle, etc…

Is there any pose that we humans can be beautiful as we are…?

Well, maybe these photos are good ones. I suppose these are better than previous 2 photos.

Standing firmly on two feet.

Standing straight.

Without exaggerating, without looking down on ourselves, just putting natural selves in the nature.

Be natural, be ourselves…

In my opinion, I believe that we practice yoga asanas imitating natural objects or historical heros & sages to get back our natural body (such as posture and breathing) and mind (without exaggerating nor looking down).

I believe that is one of the ultimate purpose of yoga.

Anyway, I’d like to appreciate of my friend who guided me to such an outstanding view spot and gave me a chance to face with myself.


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